Add a Touch of Masculine to the Kitchen2 min read

We ask is the kitchen still a female domain?

Around forty to fifty years ago, the kitchen was always viewed as the female domain. The women of the household would always be the ones to prepare the food, where the men would make a quick appearance with carving the meat on a Sunday or grabbing a beer from the fridge. If you fast forward to today, the kitchen space has certainly changed and become a space for men to sharpen up their culinary skills.

Many TV shows like MasterChef and The Great British Bake Off has helped this and a study actually proved that 44% of men prepare the family meals now, simply because they enjoy doing it, or the woman is at work.

Adding a touch of Masculine

Masculine styles are combined with a modern and minimalistic design. An industrial look is the first choice as it adds granite or quartz worktops and many metallics such as chrome, brass and stainless steel. A minimalist kitchen consists of fine lines and uncluttered space. Choose a symmetrical layout for the whole of the room to come together and a dark concrete floor.

Masculine colour schemes

A masculine colour scheme is made up of darker hues. Black, greys, dark browns and navy blues are ideal for this sort of design, gaining very popular in many recent years. Using a white in this kitchen design balances out the dark colour scheme making the interior not look too dark.

Worktops that add to the style

Worktops that are perfect for this design trend is a granite or quartz worktop. At Cawdor Stone, we have many colours and styles available that will create this kitchen style. The darker the better.

Spa Black – Belenco

Babilon – Belenco

Chestnut – CRL

Tebas Black – Silestone

Charcoal Soapstone – Silestone

Special features

Sleek and contemporary units are a great option for a masculine kitchen style and a breakfast bar or island with some high bar stools for those early mornings or late-night dinner parties.


A kitchen loves a gadget, and what man doesn’t like gadget? A flip-down TV is a great idea so you never miss out on a match, a coffee machine for that perfect fix of caffeine in the morning and a wine fridge to produce a crisp glass of delicious wine to your family and friends.

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