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Outdoor kitchens are more popular than ever when it comes to home improvements. Many homeowners are opting for bar/kitchen areas in their gardens and we saw a huge rise in this when Covid hit the world. Millions of people were forced to stay at home more than they ever had before, with restaurants and cute cafes on the river being closed. Working from home became a big trend in 2020 and continues to be, so diversified living space is a must.

One industry leader stated “Outdoor is the new indoor!” And many people are finding that a well-designed outdoor kitchen or bar area can add value to their home and provide them with a lifestyle feature that will be loved for many years to come, and the property will become more sellable.

The challenges we may face

There are many challenges we may face when it comes to an outdoor kitchen especially when we think of water, temperature, sunlight and even us, human beings.


All worktops will get wet whether indoors or outdoors, but outdoor worktops stay wet and this can sometimes be up to weeks on end. Forget laminated or wooden worktops – they will become unusable very quickly. Porous stones can also be a problem as they can develop growths of algae under the surface, staining the stone to a greenish tinge which will ruin the beautiful design of the stone.


Outdoor worktops will be hit by different temperatures, not just the weather but fire pits and barbecues that give off direct heat. Even colder temperatures, e.g freezing can cause direct frost damage as the ice crystals expand in the pores.


Worktops that are placed indoors will of course get sunlight on them, but this is normally filtered through glass. Outdoor worktops face direct sunlight and this can change the look of the surface where some resins and dyes are damaged.

Human beings

Being outdoors is something everyone loves and an outdoor kitchen will take more of a pounding due to ball games, different animals and just general playing.

Quartz Worktops

Standard quartz worktops are designed with some properties that are susceptible to being attacked by UV, but several well-known manufacturers have created new materials that are specially designed for outdoor use. These are less susceptible to being damaged by UV where discolouration can take place.

This extremely durable stone provides a non-porous surface that is resistant to stains, scratches and abrasions – perfect for an outdoor kitchen and/or a garden dining table.

Outdoor Quartz by Caesarstone

Clearskies 406

Clearskies brings an earthen style to your outdoor countertops, backsplashes and tables thanks to the metallic accent of black or brass found within this luxurious stone. It will complement materials such as concrete, clay pavers and wooden decking in contemporary backyards.

Palm Shade 515

This true classic style of white marble will work elegantly alongside stainless steel barbecues, wooden butcher blocks or as a spectacular stand-alone island feature. This outdoor worktop is made up of a white base and subtle veining where the translucency of the product gives the surface an earthy depth. A versatile and beautiful design that will complement neutral facades and a variety of outdoor landscapes.

Midday 405

An organic look that relates to the beauty of nature, working well with neutral tones and wooden elements. This neutral white is embellished with warmer greys and confetti of cloudy sparks that will make any garden relaxing especially when mixed with accents of metal, glass, or classic wicker furniture.

Granite Worktops

Granite is a 100% natural material, formed over millions of years and is regarded as one of the best materials for outdoor kitchen use. Granite is not always non-porous so you need to double-check that the one you choose is! Granite as a BBQ worktop is perfect especially when it’s heat resistant.

If you ask for volcanic stone granite, we will help you select the best material for you and your home.

Quartzite Worktops

Quartzite is another type of stone that is perfectly suited for outdoor kitchens. It is a naturally occurring material and has porosity, but fear not we will advise you on the best options that are available when you want to use this type of stone outside.

No two quartzite slabs are the same. With this material, you get some interesting styles and naturally occurring veining and colouring.

Cawdor Stone’s Outdoor Projects

Nero Assoluto Antique was the stone chosen for this outdoor space. With a thickness of 30mm, this granite was a perfect choice. We also completed a feature seating area in the same stone but finished with a bullnose edge, imagine sitting around the fire pit on evenings like this!

A natural quartzite called Donatello completed this outdoor kitchen design. This piece of work just shows how skilled our team are with scribing the stone to the walls! Doesn’t it look wonderful? We are super proud of this one.

30mm Steel Grey Satinato, a very understated granite is seen here in this gorgeous BBQ area. Check out the pizza oven!

30mm Angola Black granite perfectly contrasts the wooden units in this outdoor BBQ area.

Check out the Bianca Eclipsia quartzite seen here in this outdoor living space.

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