How to care for your quartz worktops3 min read


If your kitchen is fitted with stunning quartz stone, then we understand how important it is to you, to keep it looking great. Although this type of worktop is high performing and requires little maintenance, thanks to its dense non-porous structure – it still benefits from a little TLC every now and then. This month, the experts at Cawdor Stone Gallery are here to share a few top tips to ensure your quartz stone keeps its beauty.


Daily polish

For regular upkeep of your quartz, a cloth can be dampened with warm water and quartz friendly cleaning fluids such as mild detergent, to keep the surface free of dirt and bacteria that can easily harbour on a kitchen worktop. Although quartz is quite a resilient material, it is important to stay away from harsh chemicals and bleaches because these can affect its physical properties and surface finish.


Stop those stains

Should you splash or spill any troublesome liquids onto a worktop, it’s important to know how to stop those stains from permanently damaging them; the sooner you react the better. Once you notice a spill, dab the area with a soft towel (avoid wiping/spreading any marks) and flush it out with warm water and a gentle spot clean. Appropriate and careful cleaning will help to keep high quality stone worktops stain and damage free.


Eliminate foreseeable damage

Quartz is a man-made material that consists of natural quartz minerals (a crystal structure), bound with man-made resins to form an even  stronger material, that’ll withstand the heavy duty daily jobs that a kitchen undergoes. This being said, although quartz is durable and hard-wearing, it does need protection from very high temperatures. Use heat resistant placemats when popping hot pots and pans onto the worktop. Like anything, constant heat exposure can weaken a material and over time, cause permanent damage, so forward thinking can eliminate this type of damage. The same goes for chopping on this work surface, although it is scratch resistant you can keep it looking flawless by using chopping boards.

quartz worktop

What to use to remove dried food remnants

From time to time, food is left on worktops and when it dries, it can be really tough to remove. When this happens you should pry them loose with a plastic putty knife – or even a bank card will do. For nail polish or gum, denatured alcohol works well, rinsing thoroughly after. This will remove all sorts of dried food, nail polish, gum, grease etc – a great solution that avoids using abrasive chemicals and solvents.


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We have now produced a video on Quartz Worktop Care & Maintenance