Care Tips and Advice: Stone & Quartz Worktops3 min read


The kitchen is a place we try to keep pristine and 100% clean but sometimes this can prove to be difficult because of our busy lives and working schedules. However, our experts here at Cawdor Stone Gallery are here to provide you with top tips on how to best clean your stone & quartz worktops and how to keep them looking great – throughout the year ahead. We will cover all types of cleaning from simple and easy daily care, to other tips on how to perform a deep, thorough cleansing and protection.


Daily cleaning regime

Everyday dirt and grime can be difficult to lift, especially when it’s been allowed to settle for a couple of days. However, when you invest in quality worktops, you will want to ensure that you don’t shorten its lifetime by offering a little TLC – even as simple as a daily clean. This can be done with a slightly damp microfiber cloth and a neutral detergent. For more stubborn areas use a gentle alkaline or acidic cleaning detergent and ensure no product is left on the surface by washing thoroughly with clear water. Simply glide over your worktop in a circular motion to avoid streaking and this’ll help to pry any dirt loose.

Steer clear from harsh bleaches or acidic detergents, these are corrosive to stone worktops. Always refer to the product details to ensure that it is compatible with your worktop.


Stop stains from occuring

As you know, acidic substances are bad for stone tops, so should you accidentally spill lemon juice, vinegar or oven cleaners on the surface, immediately wipe it away. This will stop the liquid from seeping its way into the porous stone. Although the stone is sealed before installation, this doesn’t mean that it is impermeable. The idea of the sealant is to provide a barrier that’ll give you enough time to wipe away these marks.


Too late – I have stains on my stone worktop

If you’ve acted too late and have stains on your stone surface, there is something you can try. You will need a microfibre cloth, warm water and a stone friendly cleaner. There are a number of these specialist products available in your local supermarket. Always check the label for their use. Place the cleaner directly onto the stain, gently rub into the worktop and leave for a couple of minutes. After the couple of minutes, gently remove with warm water and a cloth; the stain should look less obvious. You can try this again to achieve complete removal – this is not guaranteed but it may help to reduce the significance of the stain.


Kitchen ideas

There are some things that you can do around the kitchen to preserve your stone tops. These include:

  • Trivets – these helps to protect your worktops from the heat and, not to mention, help to prevent any spillages or stains.
  • Chopping boards – when cutting up fruit, vegetables, potatoes and whatever else, it’s important to use chopping boards to avoid marks and scuffs to the worktop.
  • More cupboards – using the storage in the kitchen will ensure that the tops are left as free and as clean as possible – meaning there’s much less chance of you staining or damaging the worktops.


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We have now produced a video on Quartz Worktop Care & Maintenance