Creating a Christmas Kitchen3 min read

Christmas has certainly come around quickly this year and we are still very much in a pandemic, but it doesn’t mean that we cannot have the Christmas we always have. In this blog, we will talk about the different ways you can decorate your hub of the home this Christmas and show off those beautiful quartz worktops too.

The kitchen serves us very well throughout the year and especially at Christmas time. We always think about the food we will cook and eat but what about the decorations?

There are many styles you can decorate in your kitchen design this Christmas. Any style will add charm and character and show off all the intricate details of the cabinetry. A traditional Christmas style normally includes red and green, and a black and white theme is perfect for a Scandi kitchen.

Add a Christmas tree to the space

Adding a Christmas tree to the kitchen has become a tradition in many homes and especially in open-plan spaces. This type of style spreads lots of joy around the kitchen at this particular time of year whether it’s big or small, you will always find a tree that is perfect to fit your style and decor.

A glitzy tree can make a huge impact in your home, and if you have beautifully sparkly worktops they will complement each other perfectly. Place the tree near the dining table so it can be admired at mealtimes and decorated in colours that will give your kitchen that finishing touch.

Add a Christmas wreath

Decorate your kitchen and spruce it up with a bit of festive glamour from a wreath hung on the window, door or wall. They are a wonderful decorative piece that doesn’t take up much space and can be used for many years to come.

Select moisture-resistant, wipe-clean and faux foliage to avoid wilting in the heat if they are hung on a pendant above the dining table.

Christmas accessories

It’s a fabulous time to get out the Christmas accessories. They set the mood and give the cooking area a whole new look. Kitchen towels, tea towels, coffee and tea mug sets, oven mitts, bowls and trays will get your kitchen in the festive spirit.

Christmas ornaments

There are lots of Christmas ornaments you can purchase from wooden reindeer’s to mini trees, bowls of baubles and themed prints dotted on the worktops, kitchen island and open shelving.

Set up a festive table

If you are going to be eating around the table this Christmas create a tablescape of bold reds, foliage and decorative pieces. How about matching it with a two-tone colour scheme like navy and grey.

Brighten up the space

Hang twinkling fairy lights around open-shelving and exposed beams if you have them. This will instantly create a Christmas pick me up and a festive atmosphere for this joyful time of the year.


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