Ecotone Collection – New Era by Quartzforms3 min read

Ecotone – the next generation of engineered stone. One step ahead!

We are bringing you the latest collection from Quartzforms, New Era. A collection made with four new Ecotone slabs, fully expressing the unparalleled aesthetic and technical qualities that have always set Quartzforms apart from the rest of the competition in the stone industry.

The fusion of different elements leads to their rebirth in new guises: it is the eternal charm of metamorphosis. Each one of these quartz surfaces will complement both a traditional and contemporary kitchen design.

A little history on Quartzforms

In 1981, The Scapin Group was founded where its founder Domenic Luigi Scapin put to good use his expertise in processing stone for the building industry and his passion for technological development. In the early 1990s, quartz agglomerate appeared on the market. The Group immediately realised its potential: its innovative charge, amazing aesthetic performance, inalterability and very high performance.

Quartzforms made its debut in 2010, with the takeover of a Bretonstone production plant situated in Germany, which complies with the strictest safety and environmental protection standards.

Over the years, production processes have constantly developed and now, having reached excellence, quartz agglomerate slabs are the ideal solution for both residential and commercial buildings.

Ecotone – A new composition made with resin derived from bio compound, recycled glass and very low crystalline silica content.

Let’s take a look below at each of these work surfaces in more detail below.

Atlantis – The secret life of light

Atlantis from the new collection New Era is green in colour and is dream-like and elusive an ephemeral chromatic perception, evoking the luminous transparency of seawater. The surface is scattered with tiny contrasting dots, crossed by fine light-coloured veins that create subtle and delicate interlacings – a precious, elegant slab with a distinct appeal.

The surface is available in polished and matte finishes.

Gold – Precious Heart

Gold from the new collection New Era is both a timeless and contemporary style with a luminous marble background that is enhanced by a pattern of long, elegant and striking golden veins. The Gold slab expresses refined classic elegance, giving interiors a distinctly decorative touch.

The surface is available in polished and matte finishes.

Mystic – Where the grey is deepest

Mystic from the new collection New Era is a new interpretation of the concept that lies between black and white. This beautiful slab expresses warmth, depth and style, as it has a texture that is a harmonious alternation of chiaroscuro effects.

The surface is available in polished and matte finishes.

Nirvana – Beyond the surface

Nirvana from the new collection New Era is a uniform black slab that is alluring and mysterious, like a dark curtain that lets occasional flashes of light through an invitation to exceed the limits of our perception. This deep and solid surface is contemporary, enigmatic and evocative that embellishes a room with timeless elegance. You will find long black and white veins and widespread white veins throughout the surface.

The surface is available in polished and matte finishes.

New colours added to the collection

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