How to Achieve a Traditional Style Kitchen With Caesarstone4 min read

Are you thinking of creating a traditional kitchen? Is a space full of character that can make a warm atmosphere in your home all year round? Look no further than the traditional style, they are and have always been a popular choice in many households. This type of style is surprisingly versatile and can work with almost any type of house there is.

When talking about the traditional style some think of it as being ‘old-fashioned’, but this isn’t the case at all. Put Caesarstone at the centre of your home and make a traditional, daring, elegant and sophisticated kitchen space.

Below we take a look at some of Caesarstone’s worktops that will help you achieve a traditional-style kitchen worthy of your home. Whether it’s light or dark, subtle or bold, whichever aesthetic you choose, you want it to be a surface that lasts a lifetime and still look good as the day it was installed.

6131 Bianco Drift

Bianco Drift is a favourite for many and we can see why, the solid foundation and the ideal complement to a traditional kitchen. This classic, polished Caesarstone quartz worktop is imbued with delicate swirls of light brown and splashes of misty grey that will make this the perfect bright focal point in the space used. Elegance, luxury and grace are the words that describe this stunning stone.

533 Silverdrop

Part of the Supernatural Collection, Silverdrop a Caesarstone porcelain worktop works with any design and any style. It features a lush pearl grey base and has been softly patterned and built of multiple layers with gentle bluish undertones, swimming delicately alongside its seafoam veining. Traditional kitchens are known for being timeless and so are grey worktops, so both are a match made in heaven.

5000 London Grey

London Grey expresses the look and tactility of marble without sacrificing quality thanks to the soft charcoal veins on a light grey background. We all know marble and a traditional style marry well together, perfect partners!

5100 Vanilla Noir

Vanilla Noir is a luxurious dark surface that is a popular statement piece for homeowners who struggle to put together a traditional kitchen design. This rich ebony worktop is washed with creamy vanilla veins that ooze with boldness. We can imagine it looking perfect on a kitchen island!

5003 Piatra Grey

Piatra Grey is showered in subtle chalky white veins in a marble aesthetic, offering an earthy essence. This stunning sleek surface takes inspiration from the classic Piatra stone and becomes perfect for a traditional design.

501 Snowdrift

Snowdrift features a pure white backdrop that boasts the prestigious look of marble, traversed by delicate golden-brown veining that floats over its misty base, offering a sophisticated starting point for creating a traditional vibe in your home. This is perfect for those wanting a clean and pristine traditional kitchen.

516 Locura

Locura is another sumptuous dark grey surface but this time with brown accents and oxidisation effects that truly capture the aesthetic impurities of natural stone. The white veins mixed with finer chalky lines give direction and dramatic impact throughout the surface. It’s the ultimate worktop if you’re looking for a traditional style, but still want to incorporate a natural element into the space.

5141 Frosty Carrina

Frosty Carrina is a serene ivory-white backdrop with lovely powdery-grey veins offering a bright and airy feel to any kitchen. The style of this worktop boasts a timeless and graceful classic that pairs perfectly in a traditional kitchen. You will have created a calm and harmonious place to relax and unwind.

506 Mirabel

Mirabel is another light and classic kitchen design made up of an ivory base with a traverse of charcoal and grey veins flowing across the surface. With the opaque depth of marble, this quartz can be paired with wooden and copper features for a beautiful traditional kitchen design.

510 Impermia

Impermia is quite the contrast to a light and airy kitchen, it offers a dark and dramatic aesthetic. The black base is beautifully accentuated with striking fine lines offering a powerful design. If you want to create a moody and trendy look, the black surface pairs well with dark cabinetry, and for a brighter look match with white cabinets for a traditional kitchen design.


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