How to Make the Best out of a Small Space2 min read

When it comes to the kitchen we all dream of a large space where we can design an open-plan living space that is enjoyed by all. Sometimes we often have to make the very best out of a small kitchen, so we have put together some clever ideas below which will help make your space look bigger and practical along the way.

Choose a neutral scheme

Keeping the colour scheme neutral will make the kitchen appear less busy and give an impression of more space than there actually is. Stick to sweet creams and greys. Try not to overdo it with bright colours and busy patterns.

Opt for wall-to-ceiling units

Wall-to-ceiling cabinets are great for storage. They look stylish and won’t encroach your space. There is no worktop between the cupboards, so the kitchen will feel less cluttered and disjointed.

Use multi-functional appliances

Multi-functional appliances are perfect if you have limited space on your worktops. A combination boiling water tap such as a Quooker is a great idea, no need for a kettle that will take up space on your worktop. Maybe consider combining your oven with a microwave to free up space in the kitchen.

Design a modern look

A modern kitchen design in a small space works really well. Handleless cupboards create a smooth minimalist look and opt for a granite or quartz worktop to make the sink blend in seamlessly. For the splashback choose a mirror, glass or stainless steel to reflect the light and give an appearance of a larger space.

Plan your lighting carefully

To make your kitchen look as bright as possible, add under cabinet lighting to give you the perfect task light. Adding different types of lights can really finish off the space making it look larger in the process too. Pendants may take up some of your limited space so try to avoid these.

Remove clutter from your worktops

Make sure your kitchen worktops are as free as possible. When it comes to planning your kitchen, make sure there is a place for everything from your existing one and incorporate enough cupboards to keep everything out of sight.

Incorporate clever storage

Storage space in a small kitchen can be limited, so use every inch and corner. A corner carousel or pantry style cupboard will make the best use out of what would be wasted space.


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