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Designing a hob on the kitchen island creates a more sociable and functional space. The main aim of a kitchen nowadays is to make it as multi-functional as possible for the whole family to enjoy as well make every day tasks a breeze. With a hob being placed onto a kitchen island it means the cook can join in and interact with their guests facing the gossip. It’s also a great way to help the children when they need help with their homework, as you can still cook and your children can pull up a chair.

When looking for the ideal hob for your island it is really down to you what is most preferred, what’s the cheapest option (if on a budget) and the most convenient. You can choose from either gas or electric and a design that fits in with your style. Induction hobs seem to be the ones keeping within the latest modern trends, as well as their excellent safety features. An induction top remains cool to touch, so no naked flames and no little burnt fingers!

You can have an island cooktop as a secondary cooking source giving you the ultimate cooking experience, which is needed when creating that perfect dish. The kitchen island offers plenty of space, so whether you love to cook, bake, or entertain you can benefit by having this extra cooking source in the middle of your space.

It does all depend on how big your kitchen island is. Is there enough space for a hob? You do need to make sure that there is sufficient worktop space either side of the hob so you can place the cooking essentials somewhere, plus it provides a safer working area.

To complete the island hob you need to think of extraction, nobody wants those unwanted smells hanging around. A flush-mounted ceiling extractor or a pendant extractor suspended add to cooking design aesthetics. They both do the same job, with the flush-mount extractor being built-in, lowering the look of the ceiling, but hiding the mechanics of the extractor, while the pendant will add a strong, bold statement to the cooking area. A retractable extractor that can be built into the island is another great idea. It allows the ceiling to be clear for all the important task lights and creates a much more minimal kitchen approach. With a hood ventilation system, they are the most effective option as heat rises, easy to install and can match within your decor. A downdraft ventilation system is another idea but they aren’t as efficient, but still eliminate those odours. Some cooktops even have a downdraft built into them, doubling as a splashback, if it’s tall enough.

A very large kitchen island is centred in this spacious room with a stunning gas cooktop on top. Right opposite the main ovens, allowing the chef to cook and prepare meals in an easy manner. The cooktop is surrounded by the beautiful Colonial Cream granite we supplied, fabricated and installed. It blends perfectly next to the cream coloured kitchen cabinets and the traditional vibe, making a statement in the heart of the home. There is ample space too in this kitchen to cook and join in on the fun when entertaining.

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