Purchasing the ideal hob for your kitchen4 min read

The hob is one of the main appliances to a kitchen and is mostly featured in the centre. They can be integrated on a long run of units or onto an island in the middle providing a great cooking experience and a multi-functional home. The main job in a kitchen is a space to prepare food, so the correct hob that suits your personal preferences and the design aesthetics is key.

Most hobs have the same layout with different ranges of styles available. The design you choose can really add to the theme of your kitchen and the way you cook your food.

The different types of hobs

Gas hobs are still popular and are often preferred as you can control the heat under your pan. A gas hob allows you to bring to the boil, then simmer quickly, more so than an electric hob. It can provide instant heat for that quick boil with the heat being visible, easy to control and can be used with any type of pan. A gas hob is also great to cook up that perfect stir-fry over the weekend with the Wok function.

Our Datchworth project below features a Carrara Marble style quartz. The blue and white colour scheme of the kitchen is really in keeping with the current trends and is sure to be a timeless classic much like the Carrara style worktop! The hob our client chose was a stunningly sleek, black gas hob situated within the main run of units.

Electric hobs can take a while to heat up and longer to cool down, but are a cheaper option than gas. If your kitchen is a busy family space, an electric hob can prove to be hazardous when still warm.

Induction hobs are becoming increasingly popular in the modern home due to the easy usage and highly responsive technology. They are very energy efficient and easy to clean fitting in with modern design trends. The pan can be heated up quickly and directly from the spiral copper coil beneath the glass surface with the energy then being transferred to the pan.

Below in our Harpenden project our beautiful White Carrara quartz sits perfectly contrasting against the colour scheme and the size of the space. Our client chose an induction hob to fit in with the design aesthetics and provide a multi-functioning hub of the home for all the family.

What is most suitable for your kitchen?

Most hob units are made of four burners, and in everyday life is just enough for the busy family. However, on some occasions, you may need an extra ring for those special dinner parties, so it may be worth choosing a hob with extra rings, plus if your kitchen can accommodate them. When choosing the perfect hob for your kitchen space you need to make sure you get the right balance between the hob and the worktop space. The question is where will you house your hob?

Fitting in with your kitchen style

The hob you choose you would want it to fit in with your overall kitchen design. Thinking about what hob will fit in with your kitchen style may affect your choice on whether you will choose gas or electric. A gas hob has the burners sit above the surface of the worktops making the hob sit prominently in the kitchen area, creating a lovely focal point. They are great styled in a traditional kitchen, but if you were edging towards a more contemporary, minimalist style then a gas hob may detract from that style you were hoping for. However, on the other hand, an induction hob would provide a sleek look in a more modern kitchen and home, as they sit flush against those beautiful worktops, provided of course by Cawdor Stone.

There are also many different material hobs that you can opt for like a stainless steel or ceramic, where you can make the hob a feature on its own to create a focal point.

We supplied and installed the popular Bianca Stella for a client in Stevenage. An all-white kitchen with a pop of colour to break up the layering of whites and greys. Our client decided to add an induction hob to their cooking experience, sitting flush at the bottom of the U shape.


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