Light up your Cabinets with Undercabinet Lighting4 min read

Underneath cabinet lighting creates something a little special in the kitchen area. You can make the space look really beautiful with the cabinets you choose. Adding a subtle illumination to them adds a bold statement and gives the kitchen extra task and mood lighting, perfect for entertaining.

LEDs inserted to the underneath of the cabinets create a welcoming atmosphere, adding an extra glisten to the room. You want to illuminate those beautiful kitchen worktops!

At Cawdor Stone, we specialise specifically in providing bespoke fabricated stone products for a range of domestic uses that enhance and add value to your home. These include long-lasting, low maintenance beautiful kitchen worktops, bathrooms, and vanity units, all with a unique and stylish finish.

Strip lights and spotlights are the most popular types of lighting to fit underneath the cabinets, with the bulbs you choose plays an important part in your kitchen’s lights.

  • Strip lights are a long, narrow sequence of lights that are sleek and designed to provide unbroken illumination across a wide area. They are either structured with a row of small individual lights or as a long singular bulb.
  • Spotlights are used to concentrate an illumination across a smaller area. They can be used as an independent feature light or placed across an area in a series.
  • LED lights have a long lifespan and are energy efficient. Use them with a dimmer switch to create a light that suits your mood, and provides instant full illumination.
  • Fluorescent lights are budget-friendly, energy-efficient too and long-lasting. They can take a minute or two to reach their full brightness.

We added a Carrara quartz to this U-shaped kitchen in Hertfordshire. It consists of a white background with subtle grey veins through the surface, a perfect contrast to the kitchen cabinets. Our client opted for under cabinet lighting using spotlights to illuminate the surface and provide a multi-functional hub of the home.

Where should the under cupboard lights be installed?

If there’s a particular look you are going for in your kitchen, under cupboard lights help with this. Also if you have a particular feature you want to emphasis in your hub of the home you need to choose whether strip lights or spotlights are best suited to you.

Installing low lights at ground level are fitted at the bottom of the base units (the plinth), hovering just above the floor. Lights fitted in this area look great lit up in other colours like blue and purple, especially if you have light coloured flooring where it bounces off of it. If for some reason you are unable to fit the lights around the whole entire layout, consider highlighting one wall to create a contemporary effect.

Place lighting above the cabinets to bounce off of the ceiling for extra illumination and depth.

We supplied and installed the Cambria Langdon to this luxury property. This granite has a unique appearance and looks great within the style of this home. Purple spotlights were added to the tops of the cabinets to bounce off and create an illusion with depth.

Creating a zone

Create a zone with a source of light. If your kitchen has a designated food prep area that you want to highlight, place lights underneath the cupboard to section off part of the worktop area, where you tend to do more chopping, stirring and mixing.

Light up an area in particular

If your kitchen consists of small or dark spots, use the cabinet lighting across the whole entire layout to bring an extra layer of illumination to the room. This will add brightness to your cooking and entertaining areas.

Create a focal point

If you have that favourite piece of china or that delicate ornament you want to highlight add an under cabinet spotlight to that particular part, this adds a great added bonus to the aesthetics of the space.

This lovely country kitchen features the Caesarstone Rugged Concrete quartz which has a textured finish. This worktop material is perfect for just about any style of kitchen from high gloss contemporary to handmade shaker such as this. Our client added an antique spotlight above the sink to illuminate the area and create a beautiful focal point.

Style with the lights

Glossy, light cabinetry will reflect the light perfectly against it creating a bright and airy space that is welcoming to all. If your kitchen space lacks light, consider choosing a glossy light cabinetry colour and a light quartz worktop to wake up the feel of your room.

The lovely Silestone Lagoon was installed in this light hue space to make the space appear bigger. Spotlights were added to the underneath of the cabinets to illuminate the surfaces and provide an easy area to prepare on. They are also on a dimmer switch, which allows our client to create some mood lighting when entertaining.

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