Wanting to Create a Marble Kitchen Design with Caesarstone?4 min read

Marble is a notably luxurious material for the home and will add a level of decadence to any kitchen aesthetic, especially when accentuated by a contrasting colour scheme. A marble style can easily feel right at home in most kitchen designs, whether you prefer modern or traditional, nordic or eclectic.

Despite marble being such a popular choice, it’s a natural stone material and as such possesses some limitations, however, you no long have to settle for this compromise. There are several alternatives to this material like porcelain and quartz, that offer the same aesthetic with much better durability and versatility.

Pros and cons of marble

Marble is known to be a beautiful material and it’s quite obvious from its design. This stunning material has been incorporated in both kitchens and building designs for years, due to its relative softness which makes it much easier to cut and shape, giving you more design freedom, unlike other materials. Marble is also naturally very cool, temperature-wise, which allows bakers to easily roll dough and create pastries, ideal for those inspiring culinary artists out there. Although marble is a beautiful option for many homes and buildings, there are a few impracticalities of the materials that may not be brought to light until after installation.

We know spillages are inevitable, especially when juggling the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and marble is unfortunately not stain-resistant. It’s also a non-porous material, meaning you run the risk of those spills causing an unhygienic environment for your food prep. Another disadvantage that comes with marble is that it’s prone to scratching and the polish can be etched away over time by pots, pans, cutlery and any other household items. For some, this luxurious material may be out of their price range as marble can be a little on the expensive side compared to other kitchen surfaces. With this in mind, it’s clear that this material in question is quite high maintenance and would need a lot of daily upkeep to ensure it still looks good, but not all is lost for those who desire a marble worktop for their kitchen, as Cawdor Stone can help!

Still, achieving a marble aesthetic with an alternative material

Thankfully, to the stone industry, there are alternatives to marble available that embody the beauty of this material whilst remaining durable and resilient. Both porcelain and quartz worktops can be designed to the aesthetic you love. A great example is the 5151 Empira White, by Caesarstone, which is a timeless white base of the purest hue, touched by the movement of soft shadows in an interplay of darkness and light. Quartz is extremely durable and can easily handle the wear and tear of a family’s everyday life. A marble quartz is also scratch and stain-resistant and will stay in a pristine long-lasting condition.

Looking for a timeless and practical solution? Porcelain worktops are another beautiful alternative to marble. This material is non-porous, so it is not prone to staining and is UV-resistant so the colour will not fade. How about the marble porcelain 502 Sleet from Caesarstone’s Porcelain collection? It’s a stunning, minimalist design with a mix of whites interplaying across a mist of grey with brown and golden streaks dominating the surface – a worktop that will stand the test of time.

Style your kitchen around a marble-effect worktop

A marble-effect worktop is a beautiful addition to any kitchen, providing effortless sophistication and an elegant feel. For a bright and airy space, a neutral marble worktop will suit your space perfectly. One of the best qualities of the marble aesthetic is that it pairs well with traditional and contemporary designs, allowing you to style your kitchen exactly the way you want.

For a beautifully serene atmosphere, opt for neutral colours in the kitchen design such as white cabinetry and light grey accessories to create a lovely haven for cooking, entertaining and relaxing – an ideal hub of the home. 504 Lumena from Caesarstone’s Porcelain Collection is an idyllic addition to this colour scheme. With a pleasant pearl-white background with striking grey veins, the worktop surface is illuminated beautifully.

Perhaps you’d like to bring a little piece of nature to the kitchen and wish to incorporate some wooden elements. 503 Circa by Caesarstone, is dominated by bold light-grey veining in varying volumes, from dramatic strokes outlined by heavier tones to hints of soft greys that are finely etched in the background. If you opt for contrasting dark brown oak flooring and wooden accessories against a lighter surface, it ensures a bold presence throughout your kitchen. Imagine this on a kitchen island?!

Nevertheless, a marble kitchen design provides unparalleled elegance and ensures an impressive look and feel for both traditional and contemporary styles. So if and when you are thinking about redesigning your kitchen, remember that there are always alternatives that might just have the upper hand in helping you create your dream kitchen.


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