Why Choose Neolith for your Project?5 min read

If you can imagine it, Neolith can make it happen. The world of Neolith offers so many possibilities where design, functionality and technology come together to make your dreams come true.

We are so excited to work with Neolith and apply it to your next home project. They are a sintered surface specialist who is inspired by the organic process and produces each stone with extreme heat and pressure to honour nature in the finishes and also in the manufacture.

Here are four reasons why you should choose Neolith

  1. Neolith is the global leader in the design and manufacturing of the most advanced sintered stone surface.
  2. Family-founded with an extensive background in natural stone, Neolith has established itself as a world leader with the highest growth in the high-end segment of the building materials industry.
  3. Neolith operates through a completely collaborative system, utilising a level production platform that enables active involvement from all participants throughout the process.
  4. The product provides a unique additional benefit supported by an exceptional communication approach.

Neolith’s Vision – to be the leading brand in bringing unique spaces to life.

Neolith’s Mission – to inspire unique solutions for functional and sustainable indoor and outdoor spaces, using the most innovative surfaces, and creating extraordinary brand experiences.

Neolith’s Values – passion, innovation, partnership, signature style and inspiration are Neolith’s beliefs and principles, the driving force behind what they do.

History of Neolith

  • In 2009, the Esteve family founded Neolith, constructing the first production line of sintered stone slabs.
  • A year later, Neolith launched its solid colours collection to the market of sintered stone surfaces.
  • Throughout the years they started to add different thicknesses that the countertops could be manufactured in and a few more colours and collections were added to Neolith’s portfolio.
  • In 2015, Neolith reached an international presence in more than 75 countries and 5 years later they reached more than 100 countries.
  • In 2022, Neolith was acquired by CVC Captial Partners.
  • Today, in 2023, Neolith positions itself with strong sustainability credentials, achieving the prestigious gold medal in the Ecovadis Sustainability Assessment.

Neolith is a surface with as many applications as you can imagine.

Year after year, Neolith products evolve with the customer, market and capacity for innovation, developing new applications for any space. Their extensive portfolio of collections features different models that cater to all customers and preferences all over the world. With this, it allows Neolist to create the latest trends in design as well as provide the optimum technical solution for every product use, delivering both design and functionality every step of the way.

Create your everyday cooking into a whole new experience

Discover how you can be inspired by Neolith’s sintered surfaces in your kitchen design. When you have a worktop with outstanding features, like durability and an ultra-hygienic surface, cooking turns into a whole new experience. Neolith products are used in restaurants and homes around the world.

Savour each moment in the kitchen with this unique material.

  • Heat resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Highly durable
  • Scratch resistant

There are different finishes such as a rough texture to awaken sensations, a surface polished to perfection, and a totally natural feel. With these choices of finishes, your Neolith kitchen worktop can convey whatever you want it to. Every time you cook, you’ll get to enjoy its inspiring presence and design as well as its outstanding functionality.

Neolith’s Collections

The *NEW* Classtone – feel the strength and light of natural stone. From a range of colours that include pure white to the deepest black, you choose the exact feeling you want the character, durability and beauty of natural stone to convey. It’s a unique surface where elegance is assured around the home.

Fusion – industrial meets natural. The combination of colours in this collection gives a bold, distinctive personality to any space and an unmistakable industrial style to your kitchen worktop.

Iron – metallic beauty that endures. Immediately appealing, the colours in this collection convey a bold, powerful and unchanging beauty. From greenish browns to reddish tones, the choice of Iron brings tremendous strength and energy to any space it’s applied to. If used as a kitchen countertop material, it becomes the absolute star of the show.

Colorfeel – soothing colours that create harmony. Discover all the peacefulness and harmony from this collection that evokes feelings of nature and fully blends in with any architectural element. The colours adapt to different styles and trends making it such a versatile surface in any room.

Timber – the warmth and well-being of wood. The majestic pines of Sweden and the trunk of Lebanese cedar inspire this collection with its unique texture, providing a sense of comfort and purity without having to worry about upkeep. The knots combined with the natural grains offer a tremendously vibrant choice for bringing movement to any space.

Steel – when steel is inspiration, it’s bound to impress. The most urban and avant-garde collection, with state-of-the-art metallic effects, transporting you to a cosmopolitan world for a bold and innovative space of your choice.

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