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Natural Collection by Dekton® Cosentino consists of nineteen varied colours, from lightly mottled stones to dark and sultry hues designed to make an impact. In this blog, we will talk about each one in more detail. Which one will you choose?

These ultimate and versatile kitchen worktops are highly resistant to stains, scratches and heat. Their unique appearance, makes them become a desirable material that many homeowners will love. Dekton® worktops have also been used on many outdoor applications around the world.

Dekton® by Cosentino is a surface made from several materials. It consists of raw materials such as glass, porcelain tiles and natural quartz, processed to create this surface called Dekton®. No matter what the project is, Dekton® surfaces will give you a durable, modern solution that is perfect for your purpose.


Laurent from the Natural Collection is inspired by the natural stone Port Laurent. The striking colourway of this beautiful stone features a dramatic dark brown background crisscrossed with veins of gold.


Aeris from the Natural Collection is a colour that boasts light tones with cream-coloured detail inspired by White Limestone. This neutral and subtle shade allows for a variety of combinations for diverse environments and architectural designs.


Rem from the Natural Collection is inspired by one of the most elegant white marbles on the market: its intricate design, with brown and grey veining and hints of gold, reflects the traditional and almost linear structure of Calacatta Lincoln itself.


Eter from the Natural Collection consists of a dark granite structure in black and grey tones, where Eter boasts a background of gentle contrasts, yet has a strong contemporary feel, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor spaces.


Kovik from the Natural Collection is inspired by natural materials, with neutral base tones and subtle details. The structure of this stone is characterised by the natural movements of its veins, set in a clear, grey neutral background.


Sasea from the Natural Collection is inspired by Caliza Sahel limestone. Filled with an elegant tone with greyish-cream tones and a design bursting with details, Sasea keeps its calm and controlled structure.



Bromo from the Natural Collection offers a dark blue shade, inspired by homogeneous metamorphic rocks such as slate. Subtle, faded graphics, a carefully-created texture and a natural aesthetic define this evocative colour proposal, perfect for any type of environment. Bromo was born to fit seamlessly into this collection where Cosentino loves to express their desire to recreate the best of nature and its geology.


Vera from the Natural Collection is made up of stunning veining and a cement background which makes Vera a fusion between the natural and the industrial, highlighting the most elegant elements of both. Its greyish background colour combined with its pale veining break with the aesthetics of conventional colours.


Kira from the Natural Collection is inspired by natural stone, resembling Gris Pulpis thanks to its elegance and versatility. Kira is a colour based on earthy tones and has contrasting light grey veining. The fine veining is naturally arranged throughout the slab with the smooth matte texture endowing it with a timeless colour.


Opera from the Natural Collection is inspired by the current desire for marble interiors, Opera takes inspiration from elegant Italian Carrara marble and offers a new soft touch which is the new Dekton Velvet Texture finish. Simple, light grey veining adds depth and interest to the creamy white surface for a classic understated finish which offers a sensational velvety soft touch.


Fossil from the Natural Collection features a darkened grey background with veins and spots throughout the surface. An aged and old look is created typically of fossilized pieces.


Entzo from the Natural Collection is inspired by the Calacatta Gold marble. Realism and naturalness are breathed between the random shapes that draw their golden veins.


Aura from the Natural Collection honours Calacatta and Carrara marbles, Aura’s personality speaks for itself. On its white background veins are drawn that evoke the lines of these natural stones.



Kelya from the Natural Collection is a tone inspired by dark marbles with light streaks for the most special environments.


Edora from the Natural Collection is a warm grey, adaptable to both the classic and avant-garde styles. This surface creates minimalist and neutral environments where playing with other tones becomes simple.


Kairos from the Natural Collection is full of unique character and is likened to one of the whitest and coldest marbles on the market, statuary marble. Among its luminosity highlight the fine veins in pale grey.


Danae from the Natural Collection is the definition of how the sand moves in the desert. The different shades of beige are reflected along this surface to catch that essence of movement.


Sirocco from the Natural Collection echos the colour of the wildest natural stones. This tone will definitely break with the monotony of your home, without ceasing to be a great basic.


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