You may want to Avoid these Décor Mistakes3 min read

When it comes to designing the kitchen there are often mistakes that are made and we don’t realise. Maybe we haven’t added enough sockets to the room or we have opted for knobs and handles that are awkward to use, or maybe we have clashed the colours… Sometimes we may even repeat them without knowing.

In this blog, we will talk about the known decor mistakes that can be made in a kitchen layout and how to avoid them.

Not many sockets

In a kitchen, many electrical gadgets are bought. You want to make sure you have enough sockets for each one. Planning them correctly allows you to not have to unplug the toaster for the mixer. A pop-up socket that comes out of the worktops is brilliant.

More open cupboards than cupboards with doors

If you have more open cupboards it can show off too much of your clutter and things you don’t want people to see. Opt for cupboards with doors to hide away kitchen essentials and create a minimalist style.

Not the correct ventilation

The hub of the home is where food is made through cooking. Hot air and scents will flow around the room. You need to make sure that your room has as many doors and windows as it can, with also the best extractor fan around the hob.

Too much stainless steel

If you have too much stainless steel it can look quite intimidating especially if the kitchen is small. If there is a lot of shine it can diminish the character and warmth of the kitchen. Opting for wood, glass, concrete, tiles, different metals and a quartz worktop will break up the shine and add depth to the kitchen elements.

Awkward knobs and handles

Purchasing inconvenient knobs and handles can make it harder to open the cupboard doors and drawers. The handle needs to be easy to grasp so you can move around the kitchen at ease, after all, you are going to be opening them numerous times.

Not enough lighting

To make the very best out of your kitchen you need to make sure you have the perfect lighting for task, accent and ambient. Task lighting is the ideal light when preparing dinner and layered lighting allows you to cover every surface making it clearly visible.

Clashing colours

Take the time to choose your colours carefully. Choosing the wrong colours together can make the room feel cramped and untidy. Create mood boards on Pinterest and visual colour boards to see what colours go best together in your space.

You don’t want the dustbin on show

Hide the dustbin in your kitchen design. You can make it become invisible by hiding it behind a closed cabinet or door.

Not designing a multi-functional space

Create a kitchen that is multi-functional and perfect for your needs and requirements. Prepare for social events by adding cushions to your bar stools or chairs.

Getting the size incorrect

Make sure you measure correctly the amount of space you have. Many of us often choose a piece of furniture we love and when it comes to placing it in the room it doesn’t fit.


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