The Kitchen Trends that are already Hot for 20246 min read

Each year we look to see what the kitchen trends will be for the next year. This year has seen the perfect pink trend known as Barbiecore due to the popularity and success of the Barbie movie and opulent Art Deco has still been a firm favourite with the focus of the kitchen being family-friendly. The kitchen trends for 2024 look to be more serene and calming, these places are still important to let us connect with family and friends.

Versatile spaces and family living are still high on the priority list for design, offering various features, such as kitchen islands that are multi-functional. The kitchen island is on most homeowners’ kitchen wish lists, complete with integrated seating, storage and cooking features.

Are you planning a new build or sprucing up your existing kitchen? The trends that are upcoming in 2024 can be incorporated into any kitchen design and they will actually make life in the kitchen easier, more streamlined and less chaotic. We all know the past few years have been an uncertain time and we all deserve a space that’s a soothing retreat from reality.

In this blog, we look to see the upcoming trends that are going to enhance your kitchen space in 2024.

Layering the kitchen lighting

It’s all about layering the lighting and creating a versatile ambience. No longer is the love for bold statement pendant lights that suspend over the kitchen island and dining areas, we are now celebrating integrated under-cabinet and tow-kick lighting that highlight certain features. This type of lighting adds functionality and a touch of glow giving an aesthetically pleasing lighting scheme in your kitchen.

  • Ambient lighting provides an overall illumination and ensures the entire kitchen is well-lit.
  • Task lighting highlights the specific work areas in the kitchen such as the worktops, sink and hob.
  • Accent lighting adds visual interest, highlighting specific features or design elements in the kitchen.

A warm and rich colour palette

The all-white kitchen isn’t as popular as they once were. Dramatic colour tones that are warm and pair with understated neutrals are going to be big in 2024. Blues, greens, rich browns, reds and purples are also taking centre stage to infuse kitchens with a cosy, inviting atmosphere.

We will also see burgundy and shades of orange creeping into the kitchen design, I mean they are a bold colour choice but if you desire a cosy kitchen, there’s no better palette. You don’t have to go big straight away, you can start small by painting your cabinet knobs with these beautiful colours.

Opting for other finishes such as matte black and titanium are growing in popularity, but we will still see brass being a chosen option too as the vintage look is here to stay.

Connecting to the beauty of our natural world with stone

Marble is still being used for worktops and flooring, homeowners want to take the risk for the sake of its natural stunning veining and movement. They don’t mind the ‘imperfections’ that arise over day-to-day use as they look at this as its ‘life story’.

Quartzite is also popular with its earthy undertones and vibrant veining. Using this material not only connects to the beauty of our natural world but also gives a feel of sanctuary and harmony in our homes.

Sustainability and low-maintenance materials are still popular for homeowners and the natural stone look-alike varieties are still being embraced.

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Pantries and plenty of storage

The kitchen can never have too much storage, especially additional pantries as they are still coming in strong when we design these spaces. These pantries can include…

  • Walk-in pantry – a separate room or designated area that offers ample storage space for a variety of food items, small appliances and kitchen supplies.
  • Butler’s pantry – a small, adjacent room to the kitchen, used to store fine china, glassware, and silverware.
  • Freestanding pantry – a standalone piece of furniture with shelves and storage space.
  • Pull-out pantry – a narrow, vertical cabinet that pulls out for easy access.
  • Cabinet pantry – they are designed to fit seamlessly within the kitchen cabinetry, providing additional storage space without the need for a separate room.

Designing these pantries in the home and kitchen adds to the height of luxury living.

More so than ever homeowners want more drawer inserts and drawers to create organisation that they’ve never had before.

Outdoor kitchens

Outdoor kitchens are still proving to be a big trend, as lots of homeowners want seamless transitions to the outdoors with large sliding doors, similar materials and complementary colour palettes. These spaces are designed to enjoy fresh air with family and friends while cooking and entertaining.

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Homeowners are also creating ‘wellness corners’ that see fresh herbs growing and plants in beautiful pots. These trends combine healthy living and a biophilic design.

Induction cooking

The choice of induction cooking has been popular for a long time and still continues to be. This type of cooking opens up a lot more options in terms of recirculating downdrafts or even a cooker hood in older homes where there’s plenty of airflow already.

Bulky appliances are on their way out, with smarter appliances that seamlessly blend into the design coming through in these new kitchen trends.

Kitchen layouts with places to eat

Nowadays, families are centring the kitchen as the place to do all the activities. These new kitchen layout designs invite the children and guests to come and sit for a while and enjoy each other’s company, eating a meal, completing homework or simply having a chat with someone you haven’t seen for a while.

The kitchen island has become multi-functional, accommodating the whole family and providing comfy stools to sit on. Adding a kitchen table to the space is even better, as this allows you to sit across the table from someone, giving lots of eye contact and indulging in a conversation.

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