The Journey of Caesarstone and Why Choose it for your Home2 min read

Are you refreshing your property this 2023 or completing a home renovation? Are you looking for a quartz worktop for a kitchen or bathroom application? Is your home extending out into the greater outdoors with an outdoor kitchen and debating on a porcelain or quartz surface? Read this blog and join us on the journey why to choose Caesarstone surfaces.

Caesarstone has been at the helm of surface innovation since 1987, driven by its design passion and cutting-edge technological power. They know the secret of using natural raw quartz materials to craft the most durable and safe worktops. Each of their stone is specialised for homes worldwide, and their commitment to us is to guide and assist on a journey of creativity.

Choose with confidence!

Natural Minerals

Caesarstone takes a piece of the earth and brings it into our homes, where the surface becomes the bedrock and basis for life. The magic is bought from the earth’s raw minerals, transforming a surface and creating a space of interaction and creativity.

Human Touch

The craftsmanship and care of their products are carefully passed from them to us. Every worktop is filled with a special essence and beautiful design, allowing stone engineering and immense passion to meet. With three state-of-the-art manufacturing plants in Israel and the US, each surface is a touchstone that captures Caesarstone’s special spirit, setting your dream in stone.

Peace Of Mind

Caesarstone’s surfaces have everything a good worktop needs. They lead in surface safety which is backed by the Caesarstone Hygiene Standard and compliance with the highest standards of quality, environmental care, and sustainability.


Every Caesarstone worktop remains timeless as time flows by, the family grows and changes are made. The kitchen is where everything happens, it’s the most special of places for coming together with friends and family and finding your own creative space. The surface you choose will set the mood and pace for the entire household, every day.

These collections below are sparked by Caesarstone’s profound passion for design and a journey of creativity!

Shaped by Nature – The Pebbles Collection – Connecting your home with nature

Five pebble-inspired colours that nurture comfort and calm so essential to our times, bringing the blessings of sunlight and rain to the heart of the home.

Whitelight Collection – Bringing the outside world into your home

The Whitelight Collection celebrates a suite of lighter tones and organic forms that bring the outside in.

Outdoor Collection – Creating elevated outdoor spaces with quartz

This inspiring range is designed to elevate one’s outdoor space and transform it into an environment to be enjoyed all year round.

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